Sunday, March 17, 2013

Links to downloading Joy:

Here you will find links to downloads I have done or am in the process of doing elsewhere
  • The Great Default Project
  • Rainbow Siding 
  • Trade-off Nova Scotia Build Set for Delonariel
  • More Wedding Cake Siding than you can poke a stick at.
  • Default Bedding Replacements - made with Piggi's textures

Actual links and preview pics after the cut

Go to The Great Default Project of 2013
This project is defaulting every EA texture on every build and buy object, walls and floors. Fabric Texture choices and Wood Texture choices are currently up there.

Go to  Rainbow Siding (part of the Feb Tutorial Challenge at GoS)

Credits: Wedding Cake Siding originally done by Bibi, add-ons and usage are by permission.

Go to Trade-off Nova Scotia build set for Delonariel 

Go to Wedding Cake Siding Add-ons (Leefish)

Go to Wedding Cake Siding Add-ons for Bibi's Original Set (N99 or SpG)
 (note - you do have to be a member of SimPixels and Graphics to download from here. Also available at N99 if you're a member there - or message me and I will send it you so you don't have to be a member anywhere you don't want to).

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