Friday, February 2, 2018

Around the Sims - Modernline Kitchen (2015) - Repository

In 2006 - Sandy made the Modernline Kitchen as a part of a full house set. You can download the original here - Around the Sims - Modernline Kitchen.

I loved that kitchen because it was nicely modern, and also because the Modernline set was one of my most used sets in Sims 1.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Tutorial - Repository Part 1 - Linking back to EA textures (Simple)

This is the start of a number of tutorials that I'm creating around repositorying things to minimise textures in your game.

WHY have repository:

This is useful to downloaders because

1. It allows you to have things matching in a much more complete way.
2. It minimises the number of textures that you have loaded into graphics memory - reducing the opportunity for pink flashing.
3. Makes it easier to remove some things from the game - don't want that slaved table? remove it, and don't worry about the recolours - you don't need to go searching for them.  Note: if you want to remove a master - don't. Instead go into Simpe, and untick it's catalog sorts in the OBJD segment. Commit, Save. And it's gone from your game, but still retains the recolours for your other pieces.
4. You don't have to have hundred's of recolours in game to match up your sofa pieces with your armchair, etc.

This is useful for creators because:

1. You don't have to recolour all umpteen million pieces to have a matching set.
2. If everything is mapped correctly, you only need to test your recolours on the master object.
3. It allows you to have an expanded set, with less work.

So that's the why: Under the cut - the How

Thursday, September 14, 2017

N99 August Goodies 2017 - Day 2 - Recycling

A small and strange little offering for day 2. Recycling bins and posters for a recycling plant. Posters come in Simlish and English, and are on the Night Life Grilled Cheese poster (using add-on for Display purposes).
Bins are Fairywitches FDD bins. (I can't remember where I got the meshes, so I've uploaded them here with the original recolours).

Grilled Cheese Posters in English
Grilled Cheese Posters in Simlish
FW Recycling Bins Recolours
FW Recycling Bins Meshes

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Sims2Play - Bath - Avanti and Recolours

Part of N99 August Goodies - 2017. Day 2 - Avanti Bath and Recolours

You can get it  in EA Woods (thanks to Amythestfenix)  and Pirate Woods (thanks to Shastakiss). I used Shasta metals plus my own extras.

Download Avanti Bath meshes from Sims2Play

Download  Avanti Bath Recolours - EA Woods

Download Avanti Bath Recolours - Pirate Woods

Download Shasta Metals

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Rugs and Collections - August Goodies 2015 (Day 7)

I've always admired Bibi's talents in Sims 1, and was sad that although she did walls and floors and lots and sims in Sims 2 - she never did objects. In particular she had some beautiful floor tiles to use as rugs that were never converted to rugs to be used elsewhere. So... Now they have.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Veranka's Thorpe Build - August Goodies 2015 (Day 6)

Veranka's Thorpe Build - You will need to download the meshes from Veranka's Blog

This is a really elegant build. It's also huge! Not only are there single tile windows and doors, there are matching single tile doors and windows on 2 tiles, and 2 tile doors and windows and Two-storey windows, and a column. So I've decided that this is the build I'm going to use for Pleasantview 2 for the homes. Nicely Georgian.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Icecream Parlour Signs and Posters - August Goodies 2015 (Day 5)

Starr made an excellent Icecream parlour - tattoo parlour, alchemist shop and I did the signs and posters for the Icecream shop. When she uploads it to the general public, I WILL link you to it - it's gorgeous!