Thursday, March 6, 2014

FIXED - TNW's TS3 to TS2 Conversion Seasons Hot Tub (2014)

This is a nice hot tub.  Pity it isn't recolourable. Especially since iCad (she of the lovely wood recolours) made a whole lot of recolours and then discovered they didn't show up. So she cried help ... and I did. :D

Well? Now they will.

I have made this mesh recolourable, and it will hold the recolours as well. I've used the same guid - so it will overwrite the original, but its best if you remove the original from your game.

Download the fixed mesh.

I've notified Jon on his site about it, so hopefully the original will get replaced with the fixed one. However, it's here. And when iCad posts up her recolours it will be included with them as well.


  1. Thank YOU!!! I just put Jon's version in my game - decided it needed recolors (ugh - grey!) ...and saw it wasn't recolorable. Now I can keep the awesome tub, AND recolor it too. I gotta go see if iCad put hers up yet...

  2. Completely welcome Catherine! :D