Saturday, September 19, 2015

Rugs and Collections - August Goodies 2015 (Day 7)

I've always admired Bibi's talents in Sims 1, and was sad that although she did walls and floors and lots and sims in Sims 2 - she never did objects. In particular she had some beautiful floor tiles to use as rugs that were never converted to rugs to be used elsewhere. So... Now they have.

First up - a set of collections to organise EA stuff. I use EA stuff most of the time, but have problems using it because it doesn't always make sense where things are. These make it have more sense to me. For the rugs - being able to choose by size makes all the difference.

I have two sets of collections -

1. Rugs by size. I use EA Blue as the background for EA and orange for CC
2. EA Clutter by Room Type. EA Blue = EA collections.

Download Collections

Bibi's Rugs and Floors
Here are all of her floors - I've updated some of the textures to match better for the single tile folk lore carpets. It also includes a nice floor that I've used extensively and some tiles and a stone floor. They've been extracted from her lots, renamed to be usable.

Download Bibi's Rugs
Download Bibi's Floors

Apart from the doormats above - these are the rest of the rugs -

 These next ones are my favourites :) (Note: there are only 11, one of them is displayed twice because I can.

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