Thursday, May 15, 2014

Not a Sims Download... But useful nevertheless...

Over at Leefish, we've had a Secret Scuba event that's just come to an end.That's like Secret Santa except that it's not limited to Christmas, and it's for Lee-fishies. :D

My Scubee was MLC who wished for curtains and rugs in a sweet palette that came from a makeup set. L.A. Colours - Colour Surge and Prism.

I squished them into solid colours and think they look pretty good for fabric and accent colours. And definitely good for the curtains and gingham that MLC would like.

So here is the palette, and I've done a text file of hex and rgb codes for each of them to make it easier for matching purposes.

I haven't done photoshop actions because I don't use photoshop. But if anyone wants to make the actions - feel free.

Download text file and image for Colour Surge Palette

Palette in use: Downloadable at Leefish
Holy Simoly Simple Elegant Curtains and EA Sun Gyu Rug in Holy Simoly Shaggy Style (Night Life)

I will be uploading MLC's gift at Leefish in the next day or two. :)

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