Sunday, May 5, 2013

Yggdrasil Double Wide Curtain Recolour - Florentine (2005)

Yggdrasil made some lovely meshes back in the old days. These curtains are very lush.

As I recall, I made these for a Juniper sun Forum picture of luxurious relaxation... I think? Which explains why I also made the canopy from the 4ESF Outdoor 3 Shade Fabric. I think it was a tent, however I don't have the picture anymore.

Anyway, if a rich luxurious curtain of gold florentine fabric will suit your sims home - have at it!

I've included all meshes - I have no idea where Ygg's meshes are nowadays.
4ESF Outdoor 3 is here (It's called Sunshade Fabric mesh and recolour)

Download Florentine Curtains (meshes included)

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