Monday, July 29, 2013

Christmas in July - Lookee what I got from Inzey!!! (2013)

You don't need to look at the pictures, just go! Download! Your sims will thank you for it!

5 Custom Foods! All Vegan which one of my sims is.

Peanut Stew
Eggplant Parm Sandwich
Quinoa Salad
Vegan Mac and Cheese
Squash Risotto

8 Blushes, made to work on Maxis Skin, and partial skin-tones. And Layerable!

5 Silver hairs for Elves!
4 Community Lots - 2x2 with continuous Roofs!!

There are lots of pictures on the inside of the rar when you download it. It's really gorgeous.

So yeah! Go download - It's at GoS in the Christmas in July Thread


  1. I'd love to download this, but I don't see a download link on GOS. Sorry if I'm being blind but I moused over all the text in the post.

  2. I'm so sorry JoandSarah!!! I forgot to include the download link. It's added now. How embarassing!! <- Blushing.