Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Totally Textured Walls and a Comfy Kids Nursery in Starr's Whales (2013)

Today I bring you two sets. One is a wallpaper Set and the Other a recolour of the Comfy Kids Set from Well Dressed Sims (WDS). (Current Mesh Link Included after the cut)

AmythestFenix heard that I wanted a repository set of the Comfy Kids set from Well Dressed Sims, and answered my request. So I decided to do the Starr Nurseries for the Comfy Kids sets.

Next. I have a confession to make. I'm not really a big fan of using wallpaper in a room. I like paint with mouldings. Simple or fancy mouldings I don't mind. So when I was making this set, I wanted painted walls that match. With a bit of texture.

AmythestFenix has repositoried the Comfy Kids Set as follows:
All Woods = WDS Comfy Kids Single Bed.
Cribbing,Change Table  = EA Cribbing
Cushions on Bench and Chair = WDS Comfy Kids Chair
Mat on top of End Table = Jonesi's Blanket.

So what you will get in the set:
3 Whale pictures on  EA Grilled Cheese (NL)
2 Whale and Rainbow Pictures on EA Lone Daisy (BG)
9 Jonesi Blanket Recolours
6 Shaggy Rugs on EA Sun-Gyu Rug (BG) (but I think one of them is a repeat colour)
1 Fabric for WDS Comfy Kids Set
1 Wood for WDS Comfy Kids Set

The Cribbing and Bedding is available in the EA Sets I did previously

All the other bits and pieces used in the pictures are repositoried on the Jonesi Blanket, and can be gotten from Sims2Artist Hokadk47. She has two pages of things that are repositoried to the Jonesi Blanket, so you have plenty of choices.

GO TO AmythestFenix' Repositoried Comfy Kids Set
The Comfy Kids set includes:
single bed, dresser, desk, reading chair, desk chair, bench, end table, crib, and change table.



Poppet's for original textures on bedding.
Shastakiss for her awesome self-textures.
AmythestFenix for her Linen texture, and being an utter darling and repositoring the WDS Comfy Kids for me.
Brianna from WDS for the Wall Texture and Mouldings.

Pictures are hand-made using random web images as inspiration. (I have templates for both if you want them - in PSP only)

And a Swatch of everything you're getting except for the pictures.


  1. These are really cute, Kiri! I love the wall colors as well :)

  2. Thanks Kate. I appreciate it! There's more to come. (Sigh, I can't spell hence the deleted post.)