Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May - Nurseries, 13 of them (2013)

Starrsim at N99 wanted someone to make wallpaper patterns from poppet into bedding to use in a nursery. I got carried away, and have spent the last month making them into many matching pieces.

Thanks and credit to Poppet for agreeing to my recolouring madness on her patterns.

So. There are 13 Sets. They can be used just with EA base game kids objects, but if you have some User content, they become way more usable!

11 pieces per set are:
  • Change table in Pattern
  • Change table in matching solid
  • Crib bedding in Pattern
  • Crib bedding in matching solid
  • Crib frame in matching solid
  • High Chair with pattern
  • High Chair in matching solid
  • Adult bedding
  • Potty in matching solid
  • Toybox in Pattern
  • Toybox in matching solid
Oh and a note: The base game potty has the reflection of doom. What that means is that light colours all tend to white. I have fiddled with txmt to make it match the high chair which is less shiny. So don't be surprised if it doesn't sparkle like it used to! :D

Download the whole lot.

If you don't want to download the whole lot, they are below by set. If you do want the whole lot, you do NOT have to download any more than the above link.

Useful things for nurseries in the pictures includes the following
that use textures from cribbing -
that uses textures from adult bedding - 

The ones on the Left Hand Side take their textures from the adult bedding.
The ones on the Right Hand Side can be used without custom content.

Download Elephant pattern 1 with Khaki Solid
Download Elephant pattern 2 with Mint Solid
Download Giraffe Pattern 2 with Chocolate Solid
Download Giraffe Brown Pattern with Lemon Solid
Download Lions Pattern with Mushroom Solid
Download Monsters Pattern with French Grey Solid

Download Owls Pattern with White Solid
Download Princess Pattern with Cream Solid
Download Records pattern with Lt Grey Solid
Download Robots Pattern with Off White Solid
Download Sailboats Pattern with Navy Solid
Download Video Games Pattern with Brown Solid
Download Whales Pattern with Gold Solid


  1. Amazing! I'm reworking the baby dangle and bouncer recolors thanks to my discovery of the sharpen option.

  2. Ooo I look forward to seeing them when you do!

    Thanks. :)