Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Comfy Kids Nursery in Starr's Robots (2013)

There are 13 Nurseries in the Starr's sets. Here is the next one for your delight and delectation - Robots and Off-White.

AmythestFenix has repositoried the Comfy Kids Set as follows:
All Woods = WDS Comfy Kids Single Bed.
Cribbing,Change Table  = EA Cribbing
Cushions on Bench and Chair = WDS Comfy Kids Chair
Mat on top of End Table = Jonesi's Blanket.

This Recolour set includes:
1 recolour in off-white of WDS Comfy Wood.
1 recolour in robots of WDS Comfy Fabric.
3 EA Grilled Cheese Recolours (Night Life)
2 EA Lone Daisy Recolours (Base Game)
7 Jonesi Blanket Recolours
6 EA SunGyu Rug Recolours (Base Game)
3 EA Butterfly Wall Decal Recolours (Free Time)


The Free Time Butterfly Wall Decal can be moved up and down the wall if you have Apartment Life. See the above picture, those are the limits of how far up and down each decal can be moved. This is because the actual decal is a half a wall height high and 2 tiles wide.

DOWNLOAD the Comfy Kids Robot Nursery
Cribbing and Bedding is available from the EA sets I did previously 
Go to Sims2Artists to get the Comfy Kids Nursery (repositoried by AmythestFenix)

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