Thursday, August 22, 2013

Comfy Kids Nursery in Starr Owls (2013)

Off-White and White are not the same. I swear! Clearly I'm not doing it in order. I got a little carried away with this one.

AmythestFenix has repositoried the Comfy Kids Set as follows:
All Woods = WDS Comfy Kids Single Bed.
Cribbing,Change Table  = EA Cribbing
Cushions on Bench and Chair = WDS Comfy Kids Chair
Mat on top of End Table = Jonesi's Blanket.

This Recolour set includes:
1 recolour in off-white of WDS Comfy Wood.
1 recolour in robots of WDS Comfy Fabric.
3 EA Grilled Cheese Recolours (Night Life)
3 EA Lone Daisy Recolours (Base Game)
8 Jonesi Blanket Recolours
9 EA SunGyu Rug Recolours (Base Game)
1 EA Butterfly Wall Decal Recolours (Free Time)

DOWNLOAD the Comfy Kids Owl Nursery
Cribbing and Bedding is available from the Nursery I did previously
Go to Sims2Artists to get the WDS Comfy Kids Nursery (repositoried by AmythestFenix)

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