Friday, August 23, 2013

A Pair of Posters - A Boy Band I can get behind :) (2005)


Needs Uni - It's on 'Surfing the Universe'

Back in 2005, one of the things I wanted, was to have all Sims pictures for my hood - of Sims in the hood. This is my Boy Band... Well technically it was a boy band, because the alien was the only humanoid. The Robots although dressed gender-ly and set up genderly because Sims won't let you otherwise, were without gender.

I still use the old versions of these posters for my teen sims who all swoon over one or other of them.

All the skins and settings are from Mod the Sims.
Borg Background setting by Xanathon
Silver Androids by Bink13Y
Gold Androids by Bink13Y (Yes, it's C3PO - mine were the original not so shiny).
Clothing from the Laboratory Set by Bink13Y

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