Thursday, February 13, 2014

Christmas in July 2013 - Present to EveryBoulevard

Christmas in July - My present to EveryBoulevard was a gazillion recolours of 3 things -
1. Holy Simoly's Simply Elegant Curtain - in 42 colours x 3 patterns, plus 1 plain.
2. EA Sun Ryu Rug in CuriousB's 42 colours, using Holy Simoly Shag pattern
3. Jonesi's Blanket (which also recolours the squintillion add-ons) in 42 colours * 6 patterns + 1 plain.

I have no idea if the Christmas in July thread is still there or lost in the great server trouble of 2013. So I'm posting this here.

Download the complete set (34.3 Mb)

Colours are CuriousB - Thanks to CuriousB for her help in converting the colour actions of Photoshop into something workable for PSP7.
AmythestFenix Linen texture
Shastakiss for the self-patterns which are glorious. :)
Holy Simoly for Elegant Curtains and Shaggy Rugs meshes.

Meshes and Add-ons:
Add-ons for Simply Elegant Curtains:  - Ambular's Extras at Sims2Artist
Expansion required: BaseGame.

Fixed mesh for Jonesi's Blanket by Huge Lunatic - Download

Add-ons for Jonesi's Blanket -
Black Pearl Sims - 10 Blankets slaved to the original
Sims2Artists - Many add-ons by Hokadk47
Sims2Artists - SDA Louisiana Set


  1. So awesome, Kiri - thanks for sharing!

  2. This is wonderful. Thank you! :)

  3. I love them! Especially the curtains, they are 1 of my fav curtains. Thanks for sharing! xoxo