Saturday, February 15, 2014

Walls - WDS Totally Textured Wallpaper (GoS 2013)

Another one that was posted at GoS and is probably lost in the great Server trouble of 2013. These have been made AL ceiling friendly, cleaned up for all colours. I loved most of the stuff that came from the Well Dressed Sim (now no longer online).

There are 3 sets - the first originally made by Brianna. She has a strongly textured, strong wall colours.
The second by Sarhra. Her colours are more subtle and her texture is also.
The final set is by me, using the Brianna template I created for converting the WDS two - in Starr's Nursery Colours.

Download Brianna Totally Textured Wallpaper (Ceiling Friendly)
Download Sarhra Totally Textured Wallpaper (Ceiling Friendly)
Download Totally Textured Wallpaper in Starr's Nursery Colours (Ceiling Friendly)

Comes with a Collection

Not the colours you want? Make your own with these templates:
Download Templates for WDS Totally Textured Walls (PSD format)

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