Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2013 - The INDEX of off-site links for Downloading Joy

Unfortunately, I tend to post all over the place, and I haven't remembered to put it all up here as well. So consider this my remembering.

Part 2 of this post, will be posting up all the things I've done from forums which are closed to casual members or have lost the original posting. Mostly GoS.

 Kiri - WeddingCake Siding add-ons at Leefish

Leefish LaFenetre Add-Ons with Kiri Recolours at Leefish

Kick Backyard Lounge Chair by Survivall at Leefish 

Build - Doors - Matte and Glass at Leefish

Build - Doors - Club Double at Leefish

Build Doors and Windows - Colonial - DEFAULT at Sims2Artists


Build - Door - Club - DEFAULT at Sims2Artists

Build - Doors - Value and Walnut - DEFAULT at Sims2Artists

Build - Doors - Matte and Glass - DEFAULT at Sims2Artists

TEMPLATES - Build Doors - at Sims2Artists

These are in Layers, the shading has been tidied up, and are available in PSD and PSP format.

Please note: I have many, many templates for EA recolouring, so if there is interest, I will put them all up.

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