Friday, February 2, 2018

Around the Sims - Modernline Kitchen (2015) - Repository

In 2006 - Sandy made the Modernline Kitchen as a part of a full house set. You can download the original here - Around the Sims - Modernline Kitchen.

I loved that kitchen because it was nicely modern, and also because the Modernline set was one of my most used sets in Sims 1.

Back in 2008, I started recolouring them but discovered that there were way too many meshes to recolour.

So now that I know how to make things repository - I did it for this set. Instead of 37 meshes to recolour, there are now 19.

Sandy very nicely gave me permission to post up the set including donation pieces.

So here's all the technical information if you download this -

Step 1 - Remove redundant files:

KEEP the following recolours and delete the rest (you should delete 23 files):

  • atssandy_txtr_modernlinekitchen_chair001.package
  • atssandy_txtr_modernlinekitchen_condiments001_wood.package
  • atssandy_txtr_modernlinekitchen_counter001.package
  • atssandy_txtr_modernlinekitchen_walllightedcabinet001_metal.package
  • atssandy_txtr_modernlinekitchen_wallshelf001_metal.package
These are the ones you should keep for CC recolours as well.

Step 2 - Replace the original Meshes with the new Meshes:

KEEP the following meshes and delete the rest (you should delete 20 files)
  • atssandy_obj_modernlinekitchen_ceilinghood001.package
  • atssandy_obj_modernlinekitchen_chair006.package
  • atssandy_obj_modernlinekitchen_chair006_PETS.package
  • atssandy_obj_modernlinekitchen_coffeemachine001.package
  • atssandy_obj_modernlinekitchen_condiments001.package
  • atssandy_obj_modernlinekitchen_counter001.package
  • atssandy_obj_modernlinekitchen_deco001.package
  • atssandy_obj_modernlinekitchen_dishwasher001.package
  • atssandy_obj_modernlinekitchen_foodprocessor001.package
  • atssandy_obj_modernlinekitchen_fridge001.package
  • atssandy_obj_modernlinekitchen_fridge001_OFB.package
  • atssandy_obj_modernlinekitchen_lampceiling001.package
  • atssandy_obj_modernlinekitchen_sink001.package
  • atssandy_obj_modernlinekitchen_stove001.package
  • atssandy_obj_modernlinekitchen_trashcompactor001.package
  • atssandy_obj_modernlinekitchen_utensils001.package
  • atssandy_obj_modernlinekitchen_walllightedcabinet001.package
This includes the donator meshes that have been made repository.

Download - New Meshes and add to the kept meshes.

This will give you the complete set including all the donation pieces that have been repositoried.

Alternatively - if that seems like way too much hard work - Delete what you have of the original set, and Download - ALL Meshes

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