Thursday, February 6, 2020

Base Game Default Hair - Index and Phase 1

Phase 1 - 
  • The Default Hairs for Base Game 
  • Tutorial - Changing the textures on a Base Game Hair - Texture Default Only.
  • Female Basegame Hairs - Customised and Melodie9'ed.


SimsFileshare Folder - Defaults


  • Pooklet Colours Used -  Dynamite, Incendiary, Safety Fuse, Pyrotechnic, and Pipebomb.
  • Aquilegia used            -  Dynamite, Volatile, Depth Charge, Pyrotechnic and Timebomb.

  • I have defaulted all base game meshes except Fly Pigtails which I truly don't want to use. I have included links to all the Hiders - so you can use the ones you want to. (I will be hiding Mullet, and Fly Pigtails only from the Base Game.)
  • In the links, is also the link to the Gibs Unhider which will be needed if you want to use the Gibs hairstyle.
  • Medium Centre Part has a bangs/Nobangs version - only one can be used at a time.
  • Bowl Twist has a bangs/Nobangs version - only one can be used at a time.
  • Mohawk and Dreadlocks use the same id for male and female - and so are identified as a "U" gender. As are all the toddler hairs.
  • Credits are at the bottom of the post. 


Aquilegia Hair Basegame Default
Sims2Defaults - Database
All the Hairs Database 

Tutorials -

How to install the NVidia Tools utility to get better quality in the defaults.
Tutorial - Changing the textures on a Base Game Hair - Texture Default Only.


Aquilegia Hiders for Base Game- Feather, Flypigtails, Frontalwave, Mediumcenterpart, Ponytailhigh, Round
Bitzybus Hiders for Base Game - All the Hats (except Tophat) 

Jordi Hiders for Base Game -Mullet, Mohawk, Cornrows

Gibs Unhider by Sapphira86


Aquilegia - without whom I wouldn't have known where to start this project, and whose textures form the base of most all of the hairs. And her packages for that matter.

Almighty Hat - who has retextured/recoloured almost all of the Maxis hairs so I didn't have to. Also for the Smoke Bomb action.

Lifa - who retextured/recoloured a few of the Maxis hairs that Hat hadn't. Who also provided advice and help.

Pooklet - who's colour actions let me do this thing, and because of whom I now have a primitive and very basic understanding of Photoshop.

Nymphy - who's curls were used by Aquilegia and Hat, and therefore by me.

Tumblr community who've put up with me asking questions, and putting up works in progress and encouraged me to keep going.

Melodie9 and Sapphira86 who have made the Maxis hairs available for more than intended.
Everyone that Aquilegia and Hat credits - these defaults are truly a community effort.

Digital Angel - for the Tiberius action because the Timebomb action I couldn't find.


  1. What a delightful surprise to come across! Love the amount of detail you went into for this post, and the concise information. So very much appreciated!
    Thank you for this endeavor of love!

    1. You are welcome Lady Silverwolf! I'm glad that there is enough info there for you. :)