Sunday, February 2, 2020

Tutorial - Changing the textures on a Base Game Hair - Texture Default Only.

Tools you will need:

1. SimPE
2. DDS Utilities (You don't need an Nvidia card to use them)
3. The textures you wish to replace with.
4. Default replacement packages of the thing you want to update.

If you haven't installed the DDS Utilities - Follow this tutorial to do so

Step 1: Choose your colours, and unzip them. All of these are in PNG file type which preserves the alpha for your hair.
This is the folder for all the Female Base Game PNGs that are not currently in the defaults. Please choose only 1 of each colour type that you want to change.
(Eventually all the PNGs will be found in here).

Step 2: Open up your Default Replacement Package in SimPE.

As you can see there are only two types of resources in there. The CLST directory - which you can ignore, and the TXTR files which you can change as you wish.

Each of the TXTR resources, have the name of the hair, the colour, and a suffix of txtr. When loading the hair, make sure you put black in black, etc, etc.

I would suggest that when you do these, you do it one default at a time, and only put the images for that hair in the folder with the default. That way you won't accidentally put the wrong hair in the wrong default.

 For each colour that you want to change - select the name, and make sure the bottom section is selected on "Plugin View"

Right Click on the image, and select "Build DXT"

A Window will come up

Change Sharpen to None
Make sure nothing is ticked in the filter.
Click on "Open Image"

Direct it to the folder where you have the images, and select the appropriate colour. I would suggest that you choose the "Large Icon" format in the browser to see which ones are which.

Once you have selected it - Choose Build.

Click on Commit. Then Save.

And the texture is changed!

Now go into Bodyshop and check that it is the colour you prefer.

And you're done!

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