Monday, June 9, 2014

Index of all the things in MLC Palette - Colour Surge

This is the index of all the links to stuff that is made in MLC's Palette. Because it's a good idea. :D

How this works - the thing in brackets at the end is the website that the link goes to.
It's all separated by Category, and I will add things to each category as they are uploaded.

All the EA Curtains have been done and MLC's favourite curtains, and one of mine.

If you want to request something (no promises about when) add a comment below.

If you have done some recolours in this palette - let me know and I will add it to the index (after downloading it myself!)

Palette with Hex and RGB Codes (simthing)

Shaggy Rugs on EA SunGyu Rug. Holy Simoly Simply Elegant Curtains (Leefish)

MLC's Secret Scuba Gift
1: Blinds - EA Base Game(Leefish)
2: Curtain - EA Base Game - Tieback (Leefish)
3: Curtain - EA Base Game - Veil of Dreams (Leefish)
4: Curtain - EA Base Game - Stuart Mourning (Leefish)
5: Curtain - EA Base Game - Victoriana (Leefish)
6: Curtain - EA Base Game - Loft Curtain (Leefish)
7: Curtain - EA Base Game - Antique Lace (Leefish)
8: Curtain - EA Seasons - Window Dressing (Leefish)
9: Curtain - CC Mutske - Montana (Leefish)
10: Curtain - CC Huge Lunatic - Pinched Drape (Leefish)
11: Blanket - CC Jonesi - Blanket (Leefish)
12: Curtain - CC Tinkle - Grant Park Conversion (Leefish)

Lighting - EA Base Game - Social Climbing Ivy (MTS)

Siding - EA Life Stories Style (MTS)
Poured - EA Stucco - Plain (Leefish)
Paint - EA Style
Tiles - Wide Tile (Leefish)
Brick - EA Life Stories Style (Leefish)
Stone - haven't decided yet.
Wallpaper - haven't decided yet.
Panel - haven't decided yet.





OakTowne Sofa Set (BaseGame) in Velvet Textures (Simthing)
OakTowne Sofa Set (BaseGame) in Plain Linen Textures (Simthing)
Oaktowne Sofa Set (BaseGame) in Gingham Textures (Simthing)
Oaktowne Sofa Set (BaseGame) in Polkadot Textures (Simthing)
Oaktowne Sofa Set (BaseGame) in Foil Textures (MTS)


Buggy Booz Oh Baby Nursery Set in Woods  (Leefish)
EA Cribbing and Change Set in Plain Linen Textures  (Leefish)
EA Cribbing and Change Table Set in Polkadot Linen Textures (Leefish)
EA Base Game Potty in Plain Textures (Leefish)
EA Base Game High Chair in Polkadot Linen Textures (Leefish)
EA Base Game Toy Box in Plain Textures (Leefish)
EA Base Game Peg Box Toy in Plain Wooden Colourways (Leefish)
EA Base Game Talking Rabbit in Plain Colourways (Leefish)
EA Base Game Toy Oven in Plain Colourways (Leefish)

EA OFB International Build Set (Ergo) in Plain textures (MTS)

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