Saturday, June 21, 2014

MLC Palette - Oaktowne Sofa from Base Game done in Plain Linen texture

The Oaktowne Sofa recolour continues. This one has the 21 colours of MLC Palette, and done in a plain linen texture. This is 2 of 5 different textures.

 Read more for downloads...
Armchair is not repositoried to the main set, so has been recoloured separately. Colours match the Sofa and Loveseat.
 The extra Citrus-y recolour was done for Karen who had a fruity bedroom to make. :)


Both Armchairs and Sofa have been compressorized to make them a smaller package.
All have been checked in game (actually I always check every recolour in game regardless)
Loveseat is repositoried to Sofa so only one recolour is needed for both.

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