Sunday, June 29, 2014

MLC Palette - Oaktowne Sofa from Base Game done in Polkadot Linen texture

The Oaktowne Sofa recolour continues. This one has the 21 colours of MLC Palette, and done in a polkadots! This is 4 of 5 different textures. (Plain, Velvet, Gingham, Polkadots, Foil)

 Downloads after the cut -


1. There is a slight pattern anomaly on the  loveseat which people only seem to notice if I point it out to them. This is because the loveseat is repositoried to the main Sofa, and cuts the middle chunk out of texture to make it map. I've tried to pick patterns that repeat properly for both loveseat and sofa - but this one doesn't quite. If this bothers you - I suggest to use one of the plain loveseats with the sofa and armchair - as they are in matching colours. The problem with this one is if I adjust it to work with the loveseat - it stops working for the sofa. So. Sorry.

2. Sorry about the delay with posting it up. I cracked my tooth, it got infected and have been in a fair bit of dental pain that is being resolved with root canal therapy - unfortunately the infection is outside my tooth as well as inside, so will be experiencing pain ( = reduced concentration/focus) for a while.

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