Wednesday, June 18, 2014

MLC Palette - Oaktowne Sofa from Base Game done in Velvet texture

My on-going love-affair with the Colour Surge Palette has resulted in a seating recolour. :D
This one has a huge size, even after compressorizing so I'm hosting it here and on MTS.
This one has the 21 colours of MLC Palette, and done in a velvet texture. This is the first of 5 different textures.

It's the Oaktowne sofa set, or the set in the Quaint Collection  depending on which way you look at it. :)

Armchair is not repositoried to the main set, so has been recoloured separately. Colours match the Sofa and Loveseat.

These come out slightly darker than the palette itself because of the velvet texture, but match the curtains which are also in velvet.

Loveseat is repositoried to Sofa so only one recolour is needed for both.

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