Thursday, April 18, 2013

11 Recolours of EA Base Game Bed - Caress of Teak (2006)

Back in 2006, I had a project in mind called NMR - No Mesh Required.

The plan was to recolour a whole stack of EA meshes in some decent woods, and colours to match so that I could make matching rooms, without using a stack of Custom Content meshes. Back in 2006, poly counts and limiting CC was important if you wanted your game to load in less than an hour.

I moved to Ireland instead, and NMR was never completed. But you can have what I did do. (This is not all of it)

First up - Base Game Bed recolours -
All my woods: Wenge, Acajou, Avodire, Honduras, Pine.
Coloured Woods: White and Black, Blue, Mint, Lemon, Pink and Violet.

The coloured woods match the colours that match the forum colours of SimPixels (the forum that I inherited from Fia and Lyran). And Black and White because who doesn't need black and white woods?

Download Caress of Teak Bed Frame Recolours


  1. Thanks Kiri, I really like these!!

  2. So much nicer than the EA textures - thanks for sharing!

  3. You're welcome Carla - I agree. Much Nicer than the EA textures.

    Have you seen the default textures that Kate is doing at Sims2Artists? They're going to be pretty wonderful as well. :)