Sunday, April 28, 2013

Stylist Sims Dining 02 - Black Recolour (2013)

 Someone at N99 was looking for a Black Recolour of Stylist Sims Dining 02. Couldn't find one, so I did one.

Recoloured is the Bookcase, Rug, Chair, Table and Plant. I didn't recolour the cookies. The chair has two sub-sets, so you can have the black seat with the silver legs if you like.

The rug is 3x4, I've layered 4 Rugs to cover the floor. It's actually not a bad rug.

Although Stylist Sims has a TOS that says don't share - they also don't have these meshes available on their site, and haven't since 2008. So as a consequence, I'm putting the meshes up here as well and will take them down if Stylist Sims ever restore them to their site.

In the meantime I've taken the liberty of updating their rug to go into the deco/rug category  rather than deco/misc