Friday, April 5, 2013

Silver Lining in Space Build - an N99 Project (2013)

Now something right up-to-date:

We're doing request Projects at N99 - and Silver Lining requested a Space set that was Alien but not Star Trek. No natural textures, but not overly shiny either. And because the Aliens we're talking about have a set of rainbow coloured skintones, they want to have rainbow-coloured houses.

What the set contains:

Every piece is done in 13 Colours -
Black, Blue, Dark Grey, Green, Light Grey, Light Red, Orange, Purple, Red, Rose, Turquoise, White, Yellow.

There are 4 Wall types - Single Panel, 6 Panel, Star pattern, Triangle Pattern = 52 Walls.
There are 3 Floor Types - Square, Star, Triangle = 39 Floors

There are 13 OFB/MG recolours for the Ergo Build. There are 4 Doors and 5 Windows in the Ergo Build Set, but 1 recolour covers them all. This is EA using the repository method.
Please note Apartment Life broke the Ergo Build recolours, so you need to make sure you have the up to date CEP, which installs a folder called zCEP-Extra. If you don't have that, you won't pick up the recolours.

The Uprite Column (from Base Game) is coloured in all 13 Colours.

There are 2 Fences - Barrier and Divider both from Night Life in all 13 colours.

Finally there is the stairs  (from Base Game) Holy Smoke. Also recoloured in 13 colours.
Note - You will need to have Numenor's Holy Smoke Recolourable stairs in your downloads folder to be able to recolour them. You place the Holy Smoke Stairs with the * on it, then you recolour them step by step. If you have a problem clicking on the step, then add a railing and click on it. If you don't want the railing delete them afterwards.
Also Note - the Glass is a separate recolour to the Metal, so you can mix and match.

I've separated the downloads into folders so you can just unzip it.

There is also a collection which contains the column, Ergo Build objects, walls and floors. Unfortunately the Fences and Stairs don't seem to be able to be put in Collections.

Download complete Set (4.2Mb)

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