Sunday, April 7, 2013

St Will of the Spectacles - Church Windows and Sign (2006)

Lethe made beautiful windows  for MidSimmer Night's Dream that are just perfect for Church Buildings. But apart from the recolours in the set, no-one had done more modern versions.

I love stained glass windows. It's one of my obsessions.

So I made some - The Rosette Window is an original design by me, I've been inspired by Australian Federation Stained Glass, and Charles Rennie Macintosh, and so you will see those inspirations in it.

I wanted some nice modern Windows - so here are 3 types - a textured Glass, and 2 versions of a coloured with a differing center.

Finally, because this is a Church in my main Hood - I made a sign that goes with it.

Meshes you will need:

Rosette Window and Cathedral Windows from Midsimmer's Night Dream Project at MTS
JWoods Outdoor Sign from Retroville Project at MTS

Note: For the Sign, you will need to go to Comment 12, Choose the Deco and Misc, and it's the package called RetroVille_Outdoor_Sign.package

Download Rosette Window
Download Cathedral Windows
Download Sign

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